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BH-Consulate-SydneyPočasni konzul Bosne i Hercegovine u Sidneju g. Chris May je nedavno pokrenuo web stranicu na kojoj prenosi vijesti vezane za BiH i Australiju.

U svom prvom obraćanju g May pozova na saradnju, npr slanjem informacija o bh. zajednici u Australiji. Ipak, u ovom teškom periodu g. May apeluje da u našim mogućnostima pomognemo poplavljenim područjima u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Takodjer, g. May savjetuje da se bh. građani u Australiji obratite članovima Parlamenta i naglase obim katastrofe, te zatraže njihovu pomoć u podizanju svijesti unutar Vlade o potrebi za finansijskom i materijalnom pomoći iz Australije.

Pismo g. Chrisa Maya objavljeno na web stranici Konzulata prenosimo u cijelosti.

Welcome to the official site of the Honorary Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sydney, Australia

This site was conceived with Ambassador Arnaut to provide a service to all of the Bosnian Community around Australia. The site will promote cultural, sporting and social events for the information of one and all.

It can only succeed with the support of the whole community contributing details of events and happenings and letting other members of the community know the site exists. The site will evolve quickly as information comes in from the community. Contributions to this initial web site by Mr Shiraz Biscevic and Mr Emin Serifovic are examples. We sincerely thank them.

This initial site has been constructed in under 24 hours with the professionalism and expertise of Mr Anthony McIlwain, Mr Matthew Phillips and their highly professional organisation in response to the urgent needs of the flood victims in Bosnia. We sincerely thank him and we request your urgent help.

Needless to say this is a tragic time for a very great number of people in the Balkans with the worst flooding since records have been compiled about 120 years ago.

With the ongoing catastrophe it is impossible to put definitive terms around the disaster but over twenty people are confirmed as dead with numbers expected to increase significantly some estimates are that up to a million people, or a quarter of the population in Bosnia could be directly affected. Thousands of homes have been swept away, livestock, crops and industry are devastated and the consequences will be felt for years to come.

The tragedy extends to the neighbouring countries of Croatia and Serbia with more deaths and more devastation.

A more detailed description of the tragedy can be found on this web site under the heading NEWS FROM THE BALKANS which has been kindly contributed by Mr Shiraz Biscevic.

The extent of this tragedy will necessitate major long term assistance from the International Community including Australia.

Right now it requires the urgent assistance of all individuals to get urgent supplies of food, clothing and medical supplies on the ground in Bosnia. These supplies are needed now and in consultation with the Government in Bosnia and the Embassy in Canberra we would urge everyone to do what they can by donating amounts both large and small directly to one of two highly reputable organisations below. Your support in this way will get help on the ground in the fastest possible way.

In consultation with the various Bosnian Community Organisations longer term initiatives to raise funds will be announced in due course.

Apart from contributing financially please contact your Federal Member of Parliament to stress the extent of the disaster and request their help in raising awareness within the government of the need for financial assistance from Australia and let your friends know about this web site.

Details of the flood relief accounts follow.


Kind regards and thank you.

Chris W May
Honorary Consul Bosnia and Herzegovina

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